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Frequently Asked Questions

We are lucky to have experienced and passionate teachers at our preschool.  We have low teacher turnover and our lead teachers have an average tenure of 6 years.  In addition, we have two teachers in each classroom working with the children in order to maintain an effective teacher-to-student ratio and provide the best level of attention to our students. [BACK TO TOP]
How do you prepare children for their preschool experience?
We know how hard it can be for children to separate from their parents and families when starting this new adventure.  To ease their transition and start building positive relationships early, our school provides families with a visiting day for children to meet their teachers and explore their new classroom. For those children who need, we have an “ease in” period during the first weeks of school for our toddlers and twos classes, gradually increasing the hours of the school day to help children adjust.  [BACK TO TOP]
Do children need to be potty trained?
No, children do not need to be potty trained to attend our preschool.  Our staff will work with you when you and your child are ready to begin the process.  [BACK TO TOP]
Will children receive a snack during the day?
All children receive a snack both in the mornings and afternoons. Parents are an active part of our snack program, frequently providing fruit and vegetables to accompany the snack provided by school. These fruit and vegetable snacks help to teach children about making good food choices from an early age. [BACK TO TOP]
How does the school accommodate children with food allergies?
The Thelma K. Reisman Preschool at Beth El is a nut-free school and helps accommodate children with food allergies by making sure all staff is fully aware of the child’s allergy.  Parents are encouraged to bring in a supply of snacks if we cannot supply what the child needs.  [BACK TO TOP]
Am I able to extend my child's day on a drop-in basis ?

Absolutely! Families can take advantage of several drop-in options, provided there is space and receive permission from the director or preschool administrative assistant.

Early Drop-Off Program 7:30-9:00am

Enrichment Afternoon 12-2:30pm

Extended Day Program 2:30-6:00 or 6:30pm

What opportunities are there for young families to get involved?
We pride ourselves on the community of families we create and are thrilled to have a very active Parents Association that helps run special events, including tzedakah activities (such as working with the Food Pantry of the Oranges) and fundraising events, for the preschool.  We also welcome parents and families to help out and participate in activities with the children in the classroom throughout the school year.  [BACK TO TOP]
Are there any discounts offered for tuition?
There are a number of discounts available, including a sibling discount, early-bird reduced rates for enrollment and discounts for Synagogue members. [BACK TO TOP]
Do you need to be Jewish to attend the Thelma K. Reisman Preschool at Beth El?
While we are located in a synagogue and incorporate Jewish teachings in the classroom, we welcome and encourage diversity within the preschool community.  As such, we welcome children of all denominations and faiths to join us and participate in our preschool program. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive school, and fully welcome and embrace interfaith families and LGBTQ families. [BACK TO TOP]
How is Judaism incorporated into the school day?
We are a play-based learning institution, helping children learn through games, stories, songs and interactions.  As a Jewish preschool, we find ways to incorporate Judaism into our curriculum, such as teaching children about the Jewish holidays and our connection to Israel, as well as incorporate Judaic teaching and prayer into some of our activities, such as during snack time or on Shabbat.  We also adhere to the rules of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) and are a Kosher school.  [BACK TO TOP]
What is the “Shabbat Child"?
Each Friday, a different child is selected to be the “Shabbat Child” in their respective class.  It is special to be the Shabbat Child and the children look forward to having their special guests (i.e., parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc.) come to the classroom, participate in the class’s Kabbalat Shabbat program, read a story to the class and join in a special snack in the classroom.  [BACK TO TOP]
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